Scholarship, Best Poster & Presentation Award


Lack of financial capacity often prevents talented young scientists from participating in international scientific meetings, leading to their professional exclusion. One of our new activities in the history of the ISyDMA conferences is to fund scholarships covering the costs of registration, accommodation, and transport for several participants among students, Ph.D. students, and young scientists (up to 30 years of age) from less developed regions.

The action aims to increase the number of young, talented participants.

The selection of scholarship recipients will be based on their scientific achievements or evaluation from studies. Young scientists and students interested in the scholarship are asked to send their documented research achievements or grades from their studies respectively, to Paweł Ławniczak ( by October 31, 2022.


Young Researcher Competition

All students and young scientists will have an opportunity to participate in a "Young Minds" special session to promote their exceptional research results. Authors will be able to introduce their research orally in ten minutes to a broad audience. The best competitor will be awarded. The competition is open for Master and Ph.D. students and young scientists (age limit 30 years).

Poster Presentation Award

This poster award aims to encourage a clear communication of scientific content.

The assessment will consider the attractiveness of the graphic representation and the legibility of the text. The ISyDMA7 Scientific Committee will consider only posters that meet the communication criteria for scientific review.