Best Poster & Presentation Award

Young Researcher Competition

All students and young scientists will have an opportunity to participate in a "Young Minds" special session to promote their exceptional research results. Authors will be able to introduce their research orally in ten minutes to a broad audience. The best competitor will be awarded. The competition is open for Master and Ph.D. students and young scientists (age limit 30 years).

Poster Presentation Award

This poster award aims to encourage a clear communication of scientific content.

The assessment will consider the attractiveness of the graphic representation and the legibility of the text. The ISyDMA7 Scientific Committee will consider only posters that meet the communication criteria for scientific review.


Best Poster Award:

Ivan Yakovkin

Hysteresis of surface plasmon polariton effective index induced by liquid crystal reorientation

Shanmuga Sundari & Arulmozhi Durairajan

Li+ and W+ ion irradiation induced changes on the electrical properties of BaSnO3 ceramics

Veselin Zhelev

Study of samarium doped ceria prepared by ionic gelation method and solid state reaction synthesis

Best Presentation for Young Scientist

Agata Tabero

Imidazole-loaded KIT-6 mesoporous materials with high proton conductivity

Salma Kaotar Hnawi

Novel schiff base complexes and natural dye as sensitizers in dye sensitized solar cellsceramics

Zineb Gargar

Grain size effects on dielectric properties of yttrium doped BaTiO3