ClickMeeting Guide

Training Session

If you wish to take part in the ClickMeeting training sessions, please register below by clicking the Register link below. The training meeting will take place on 5 December between 09:00 and 15:00 Central European Time (UTC + 1).
You will need between 5 and 15 minutes and can show up at any time that suits you.
We strongly recommend this training for authors wishing to present in real time.


About ClickMeeting


Conference Links

Each paid participant will receive an email (December 1) with links to conference rooms. Each lets you register for one of the two rooms. The room numbers are always identified at the start of each block of talks in the programme.

Clicking the links will take you to a registration page, separate for each room.

*IMPORTANT:* Please enter your *FULL NAME*, i.e. BOTH given and family name, and a working email when registering.* We have got 100+ attendees, and identifying speakers and attendees will be difficult otherwise.

You only need to register once for each room, and you will receive a registration confirmation email from each one.

*IMPORTANT:* Keep those confirmation emails. In order to actually enter the rooms, you will need to use links inside those emails.

Presentations and Posters

The preferred and safe format of the presentation is PDF, but it is also possible to prepare it in the PowerPoint format (preferably without sound and movie). Presenters can use screen sharing and whiteboard.
Presentations in PDF format must be sent by 5 December to . The file should be saved as Name_Surname.PDF

Posters should be prepared as a horizontal PDF presentation up to 1 slide (the organizers also allow a short presentation up to 5 slides)

PDF horizontal format is 16:9 or 4:3. Both will be respected

Be in the conference room at least 10 minutes before the start of the session.

Speech time

The expected speaking time for INVITED is 40 minutes (30 minutes speaking time, 10 minutes for Q&A)
The expected speaking time for ORAL is 20 minutes (15 minutes speaking time, 5 minutes for Q&A)
The expected speaking time for POSTER is 10 minutes (7 minutes speaking time, 3 minutes for Q&A)


Guidance for session chairmen

Giving permissions to presenters and enabling presentations is the task of the technical person. Your task is to greet the presenter, control the time and conduct Q&A sessions after each presentation. 

Presentations last approximately 10-40 minutes, but chairmen may allow for longer speeches and longer discussions if the length of the session and the number of presentations allow it. Participants can ask questions in the chat or they can be invited to ask questions live - it's up to you. Please, be in conference room at least 10 minutes before your session starts.

As announced earler, we offer training to familiarize you with the ClickMeeting platform.

Since you will not be presenting, and the technical aspects will be taken care of by our technical-assistant, your interaction with the sysem should be quite simple.